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Q & A On Counselling

What happens at my first session of counselling ?

Counselling will work best for you if you feel comfortable and relaxed with your counsellor. The first session is a chance for us to get meet each other and decide whether we can work together. Your first session is taken up with form filling and questions from me so I can assess how we might be able to work together. At the end of the session you may feel that I am not the right counsellor for you or I may feel that I am not the right counsellor for the problems you are facing. However if we both feel we can work together we can book in further sessions and agree a set day and time for your weekly sessions.

I have not had counselling before, what can I expect ?

Traditionally accessing counselling has been portrayed in a negative way. We often think that asking for help and support is weak. Counselling is not to be feared. It is an opportunity for you to take control of your life, build your resilience and put yourself first. Counselling is life changing and can help you make the changes that you feel you need. You are in control of your counselling sessions and we work at the pace that is right for you. I will sit alongside you with empathy. I will provide understanding . We will always be working from your frame of reference focussing on understanding your thoughts and feelings. I will ask you questions to enable a deeper level of understanding.

How many sessions do I need to book?

Counselling is about you. As you work through your problems you will be the best judge of whether you have achieved what you want from counselling. Some clients attend counselling for three or four sessions and others stay for six months to a year. Depending on the types of problems you have will depend on the number of sessions you feel you may need.

Is there a waiting list ?

I will make every effort to offer you an appointment within a week of your enquiry. Please note that some appointment times are more popular than others. I will do my best to arrange an appointment for you to fit in with your commitments and the time you have available for your sessions.

Can we work on line ?

Yes. If you have a safe , confidential space with a secure internet connection we can schedule your sessions on Zoom to complete your sessions on line. Please take into consideration any interruptions that may disturb your session.

When do I pay for my sessions?

Please pay by BAC' s 24 hours before your appointment so that I am able to keep your session available for you.

"Michelle always understands what you are talking about. She listened to me and I felt comfortable. She offered me guidance and supported me in a very difficult time of my life." Dani, Bournemouth

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